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Series 4000™ Eyepiece & Filter Set
Series 4000 Eyepiece & Filter Set
Designed and manufactured to exacting standards, Meade Series 4000 Super Plössl eyepieces deliver wide 52° apparent fields of view (44° for the SP40mm) with all of the resolution, edge-of-field sharpness and color correction demanded in the most advanced visual applications. All eyepieces are multi-coated and include soft rubber eyeguards.
PRICE $249  
Each Series 4000 Set Includes
• 6.4mm Super Plössl • 9.7mm Super Plössl
• 12.4mm Super Plössl • 15mm Super Plössl
• 32mm Super Plössl • 40mm Super Plössl
• 2x Barlow Lens (#126) • Aluminum Hard Carry Case
Color Filter Set #1
Moon Filter
*Total price if purchased separately $518
Series 5000™ 2" Enhanced Diagonal
Series 5000™ 2" Enhanced Diagonal

• Enhanced dielectric coatings with 99% reflectivity over the visual spectrum

• Includes 1.25” eyepiece adapter

PRICE $199

Series 4000™ Focal Reducers
f/6.3 Focal Reducer

f/6.3 Focal Reducer

• 4-element, multi-coated
• Reduces exposure times by approximately 50%

PRICE $129.95

f/3.3 CCD Focal Reducer f/3.3 CCD Focal Reducer

• 3-element, multi-coated
• Variable T-adapter included

PRICE: $149.95
optimal focus position 45mm. * For photographic use only  
Laser Collimator
Meade Laser Collimator
Meade Laser Collimator   Meade Laser Collimator
Out of alignment   Aligned!

Use the Meade Laser Collimator to quickly and accurately align your telescope optics. Meade's Laser Collimator simplifies the collimation process. Collimation is a method to align your telescope's optics. Telescope optics are normally aligned at the factory, but shipping and handling can sometimes misalign collimation. Misaligned collimation can mean dimmer and blurrier images in your telescope eyepiece. Meade's Laser Collimator provides a quick, simple, and accurate method of collimation. For use with Meade LightBridge™ Truss Tube Dobsonian Telescopes, and any Newtonian reflecting telescope.

• 1.25" Eyepiece Barrel Diameter

• Laser Diode/Class IIIA Laser Product. Wavelength 635-670nm. Max output power <5mW.

• Machined anodized aluminum housing with all internal surfaces coated non-reflective flat black.

PRICE $149