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Available from Meade Authorized Dealers [click here]  Series 4000 QX Wide Angle Eyepieces
Series 4000 QX Wide Angle Eyepieces   CANADIAN RESIDENTS
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Meade’s Series 4000 QX Wide Angle is a new line of 5 element eyepieces designed and engineered for high-performance observing. They yield a super wide 70 degree apparent field of view with extreme resolution. This is one of the few eyepieces sold today that can give you a wide field of view with a consistent pinpoint edge-of-field sharpness and long eye relief. All QX Wide Angle Eyepieces feature multi-layered optical coatings to maximize light transmission, and edge-blackened optics for superior image contrast. The new Meade Series 4000 QX Wide Angle eyepieces are an incredible value, delivering excellent performance.
Super wide 70° apparent field of view.
5-element optical design provides clear, sharp, high-contrast images.
Fully-multi-coated optics for maximum light transmission.
Lens edges blackened to minimize internal reflections and improve contrast.
Superior contrast and pinpoint resolution.
Product Number Focal Length Field of View Barrel Size
07258 15mm 70° 1.25"
07259 20mm 70° 1.25"
07260 26mm 70° 2.0"
07262 30mm 70° 2.0"
07261 36mm 70° 2.0"
Available from Meade Authorized Dealers [click here] 

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