View from 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain   View from 8" LX200-ACF
A side-by-side comparison showing the distinct advantages (sharp, crisp imaging and fainter stars) of
Advanced Coma-Free optics over Schmidt-Cassegrain.
Don't settle for standard Schmidt-Cassegrain optics when -- for a few dollars more -- you can have the clearly superior optics of ACF.
It’s a new age. A moment in time that defines the future of astronomy.

Meade’s incredible ACF™ (Advanced Coma-Free™) optics — the proprietary optical innovation that’s so clearly superior, it delivers stunning Ritchey-Chrétien performance at a Schmidt Cassegrain price.

Developed over years of design and testing in Meade’s own engineering and manufacturing facilities, ACF optics are unlike anything on the market — producing tack-sharp, fully rounded stars without the crescent-shaped distortions known as coma — an optical aberration found on every

Schmidt-Cassegrain, and most other, optical systems.

And because ACF optics concentrates starlight much more precisely without coma or diffraction spikes, unlike other optical systems like Richey-Chrétien and Schmidt-Cassegrain, you can actually see and image fainter stars.

But don’t just take our word for it — see for yourself. Just drop by your nearest Meade dealer. Or visit us at for more details. And be one of the first to take part in the astronomical turning point that people will be talking about for years to come.



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