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CaptureView 8x42 2.0d

What can I view with my CaptureView Binoculars?
A: Use your CaptureView Binoculars for Sporting events, Bird-watching, public events, viewing wildlife. Anything you would use a standard pair of binoculars for, the CaptureView will see and give you the added advantage of capturing the image.

How many images will my CaptureView hold?
A: The CaptureView 8x42 Camera will hold up to 40 images at 2.0 Megapixel Resolution with Built-In Memory. There is also a 3 Megapixel (interpolated) setting that will hold up to 20 images. The 1 Megapixel mode will hold up to 60 images. The VGA mode up to 120.

What programs can I use to manipulate my images? Can I use them to download images from my Camera?
A: You can use the software programs that are provided on the CD Rom that comes with the CaptureView Camera to manipulate and download images. If you are already using other Photo programs on your computer to manipulate images, they will also work with the CaptureView Camera.

These cameras have a Movie Mode. How long can the movies be?
A: The movies are taken in Windows AVI Format and can be up to 90 seconds @QVGA (320 X 240 pixels). Use this mode to capture not just a moment, but the mood and feeling of an event.

What is an SD card?
A: An SD card is a Secure Digital Memory Card. This card will allow you to expand the amount of memory on the CaptureView camera up to 256 Megabytes. These cards are available in various sizes and can be purchased from any computer retailer. The CaptureView 8x42 will also work with Multi-Media Cards (MMC) up to 256MB.

Can I use the CaptureView 8x42 Camera on a Macintosh Computer?
A: If using a SD card you can download the images onto a Macintosh computer by using a flash card reader. You can also download your images to a Unix system. When using a flash card reader, the flash card looks like a Hard drive to your computer. Note: You cannot load to a Mac or Unix system using the camera's USB port - the USB port only can download to a Windows operating system.

How do I focus the Camera?
A: The camera is always in Focus from 66 feet to infinity. If you take pictures of objects closer than 66 feet they may appear fuzzy or blurry. When looking through the binoculars you will need to focus them for your eyes, but the camera will always be in focus.

What is the Flashback Feature?
A: The FlashBack feature records a movie for a user-selected period of time (5, 10, 15 or 20 seconds). You can record for as long as you like, but you will only save a recording for the period of time you have selected. For example, if you chose 10 seconds, only the last ten seconds of the recording will remain in memory and be saved--the rest of the recording is discarded.

An example of using the FlashBack feature would be to record a baseball pitcher throwing a pitch. Select 10 seconds from the FlashBack Period submenu. Press the shutter button to begin recording while the pitcher prepares. After the pitcher throws the ball, click on the shutter button again to turn off recording. You'll have saved only the last ten seconds of the pitcher's activity.


My computer doesn't see the camera. What do I do?
A: Look for the CaptureView Binocular Camera in Windows Explorer. The Camera should be listed as "Removable Disk" or "Binocular". You can browse the camera's memory as if it were a hard drive. You may now copy images or files from the camera's memory to your PC just as you would with any external hard drive or flash memory.

If the CaptureView Binocular Camera is not visible in Windows Explorer, try changing USB ports. Make sure to use a USB port directly on the computer, not a shared port or USB hub.

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