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Neal Ulevich took pictures for Associated Press in Vietnam 1970-1975. At the end of the war, he moved to Bangkok, Thailand, where he worked as AP's regional photographer. He won the Pulitzer Prize for news photography in 1977 for photos made during a political upheaval in Bangkok. AP assignments in Japan and China followed. He moved to Denver following his retirement from the AP, where he continues his work today.

Neal was enthusiastic about the possibilities of the CaptureView concept, and captured this view of a mountain goat in the wild. This image taken at 14,000' was made with the CaptureView 8x22 Compact at its VGA resolution. Its image fidelity, resolution, and contrast are excellent.

Goat at 14,000'
The Rocky Mountains The ability to capture and stop motion was foremost in the minds of Meade's engineering group. From a technical standpoint, it is a challenge to properly assign memory in the CaptureView's processor when downloading the image in order to prevent distortion in subjects that are moving. Enthusiasts who use binoculars are often fascinated with high-velocity action. The ability to freeze motion is but one feature where Meade's CaptureView models excell in the world of digital imaging binoculars.

CaptureView 8x42 2.0D Image @ VGA Resolution
Taken by Mark Peterson

Night photography is always a challenge, perhaps more so when tele-photography is employed. This hand-held image of the golden statue of Prometheus taken at Rockefeller Center in Manhattan with the CaptureView 8x42 2.0D, demonstrates the capacity for low-light imaging performance.

CaptureView 8x42 2.0D Image @ the 2.0 Megapixel Resolution
Taken by Scott Roberts

Rockefeller Square New York City
4th of July Fireworks 4th of July fireworks demonstrate the incredible sensitivity of the new MicronŽ sensor that has been incorporated in the 8x22 CaptureView. This video of fireworks over Riverside, California was taken at a distance of over 1 mile.

CaptureView 8x22 @ VGA resolution.
Taken by Andrew Corkill

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This video is a collection of images and video footage taken with the CaptureView binoculars. See how CaptureView technology can be used for various lifestyles.

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Little League Baseball

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