The user-friendly astrophotography revolution continues with the introduction of the new DSI III. It combines ease-of-use with a 1.4 megapixel chip, higher resolution, wider field of view and lower thermal noise. Meade engineers have invented a remarkable new way to reduce noise without a cooling fan. This means you can stack exposures for hours at a time. The thermal monitoring sensors automatically match your dark frames to ambient temperature so it’s nearly impossible to take an uncalibrated picture. The software includes a zoom feature for easier focusing and the square pixels of the new larger chip make processing simpler and images more beautiful than ever. With extremely low noise, the DSI III is the world's best un-cooled astro imager.

Features and Benefits

  • Deep Sky Imager III and Deep Sky Imager PRO III: Two new cameras are being added to the Deep Sky Imager family of CCD imaging. The Deep Sky Imager III boasts a 1.4MP Color Sony CCD Sensor. The Deep Sky Imager Pro III has a 1.4MP Monochrome Sony CCD Sensor. Achieve fast one-shot color images with the Deep Sky Imager III. With greater sensitivity of the monochrome chip, go deeper with the Deep Sky Imager PRO III and achieve greater detail with the CCD Color filter set.

  • High Sensitivity (1.4MP) CCD Sensor from Sony®: The Meade Deep Sky Imager III utilizes Sony’s large 2/3" ExView HAD™ CCD Image Sensor. This sensor provides dramatically lower noise and higher dynamic range featuring a 16-Bit A/D converter.

  • USB 2.0 High Speed: Download images with fast USB connection.

  • 2x2 Binning Mode: Use binning for fast focusing, centering the image and advanced imaging techniques.

  • Multiple Imager Operation: AutoStar™ Envisage™ will support any number of Deep Sky Imager cameras and one LPI™, so you can image with one DSI and guide with the other.

  • Temperature Sensor: The DSI III has a built in temperature sensor for fast and accurate auto-dark frame subraction. The temperature sensor matches the current temperature of the CCD chip to each dark frame so it’s nearly impossible to take an uncalibrated picture.

  • Less Noise Means More Data: You get all the data from your Deep Sky Imager without compression, and that means no loss of information in your raw images.
AutoStar Suite Software with ENVISAGE   AutoStar™ Suite Software with ENVISAGE™ Imaging Software:
AutoStar Suite includes Sky Software, Image Capture Software and Image Processing Software, including these features:
  • Time Lapse Photography Tool - Create movies of the rotation of Jupiter, moons transiting Jupiter, etc...
  • Auto and Manual Exposure Settings - Let Deep Sky Imager™ optimize the exposure, or set it manually.
  • New & Improved Magic Eye™ Focus - For super fast, hassle free focusing.
  • Stretch Options - Auto-stretch automatically brings out dim objects at short exposures. Optimizes the contrast of objects, with adjustable contrast settings.
  • Automatic Dark Subtraction - Dark frames are automatically stacked and averaged, then subtracted giving you a clean image. Automatically align and stack images using state-of-the-art techniques.
  • Live Histogram - Helps you optimize for the best exposure..
CCD Color Filter Set Accessory   CCD Color Filter Set Accessory (#04530):
Bring vibrant color to images taken with your B&W Deep Sky Imager PRO by using Meade’s optional CCD Color Filter Set. This high quality Dichoic CCD color filter set comes with Red, Green, and Blue interference filters plus an IR blocking filter. Designed with multiple high transmission coatings and strong 3mm thick glass, these filters were designed specifically for the Deep Sky Imager PRO. They will also perform perfectly well with standard filter wheels from other manufacturers. Meade CCD Color Filters come in the standard 1.25" diameter with black anodized filter rings. Their par focal design means you will not need to re-focus when switching between filters. These unsurpassed interference filters offer the ultimate in specific wavelength transmission for true color images with minimum exposure times.
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