Meade ETX Series Telescopes.

The legendary ultra-portable Meade ETX Series.

For over 30 years, it’s been our passion to create the finest telescopes available for the astronomy enthusiast. The remarkable ETX90 is just one example. Designed to be the ideal, ultra-portable telescope, the ETX marries Meade’s unsurpassed optics with industry-leading electronics to deliver a truly exceptional viewing experience.

Meade’s unmatched Maksutov-Cassegrain optics provides high resolution and contrast for more detail and the ability to see fainter objects than with comparable systems. Combine that with the easiest alignment system available and the Autostar controller, and you have simple, immediate access to over 30,000 celestial objects…all at the push of a button. And with the ETX’s classic styling and advanced engineering, your telescope is ready for a lifetime of use.

Meade’s ETX80 delivers excellent light-gathering for increased image brightness and greater detail. Moon craters by the hundreds, cloud belts on Jupiter, and Saturn’s rings are just the beginning of what can be seen with this telescope.