First light is special. It's the very first time you train your telescope skyward and peer into the eyepiece to take in the celestial wonders. Light that has traveled, perhaps, millions of years has just reached your telescope's optics and come into focus for the very first time. It is a defining moment. It is when you decide whether or not you are happy with your instrument.

At Meade we understand that moment, and have shared that with hundreds of thousands of our customers since 1972.     That is why we offer the ultimate in consumer confidence under a program that bears the same name, First Light.

If your telescope¹ fails² within the first 30 days³ of ownership, we'll replace it. No questions asked!

¹First Light Program benefits included on LX200, LX90, LXD75, LS, LT, LightBridge, and ETX 90 and 125 series telescopes (firmware updates excluded)
²Failure based on materials or workmanship
³30 days based on sales receipt, which is required to be submitted at time service is requested.