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Meade ETX-90EC Astro Telescope Instruction Manual
WARNING! Never use the Meade ETX-90EC Astro Telescope to look at the Sun! Looking at or near the Sun will cause instant and irreversible damage to your eye. Eye damage is often painless, so there is no warning to the observer that damage has occurred until it is too late. Do not point the telescope or its viewfinder at or near the Sun. Do not look through the telescope or its viewfinder as it is moving. Children should always have adult supervision while observing.
[ toc ] Latitude Chart for Major Cities of the World
To aid in the polar alignment procedure (see page 12), latitudes of major cities around the world are listed below. To determine the latitude of an observing site not listed on the chart, locate the city closest to your site. Then follow the procedure below:

Northern hemisphere observers (N): If the site is over 70 miles (110 km) north of the listed city, add one degree for every 70 miles. If the site is over 70 miles south of the listed city, subtract one degree per 70 miles.

Southern hemisphere observers (S): If the site is over 70 miles north of the listed city, subtract one degree for every 70 miles. If the site is over 70 miles south of the listed city, add one degree per 70 miles.

City State Latitude
Albuquerque New Mexico 35° N
Anchorage Alaska 61° N
Atlanta Georgia 34° N
Boston Massachusetts 42° N
Chicago Illinois 42° N
Cleveland Ohio 41° N
Dallas Texas 33° N
Denver Colorado 40° N
Detroit Michigan 42° N
Honolulu Hawaii 21° N
Jackson Mississippi 32° N
Kansas City Missouri 39° N
Las Vegas Nevada 36° N
Little Rock Arkansas 35° N
Los Angeles California 34° N
Miami Florida 26° N
Milwaukee Wisconsin 46° N
Nashville Tennessee 36° N
New Orleans Louisiana 30° N
New York New York 41° N
Oklahoma City Oklahoma 35° N
Philadelphia Pennsylvania 40° N
Phoenix Arizona 33° N
Portland Oregon 46° N
Richmond Virginia 37° N
Salt Lake City Utah 41° N
San Antonio Texas 29° N
San Diego California 33° N
San Francisco California 38° N
Seattle Washington 47° N
Washington District of Columbia 39° N
Wichita Kansas 38° N

City Country Latitude
Amsterdam Netherlands 52° N
Athens Greece 38° N
Bern Switzerland 47° N
Copenhagen Denmark 56° N
Dublin Ireland 53° N
Frankfurt Germany 50° N
Glasgow Scotland 56° N
Helsinki Finland 60° N
Lisbon Portugal 39° N
London England 51° N
Madrid Spain 40° N
Oslo Norway 60° N
Paris France 49° N
Rome Italy 42° N
Stockholm Sweden 59° N
Vienna Austria 48° N
Warsaw Poland 52° N

City State Latitude
Asuncion Paraguay 25° S
Brasilia Brazil 24° S
Buenos Aires Argentina 35° S
Montevideo Uruguay 35° S
Santiago Chili 34° S

City State Latitude
Beijing China 40° N
Seoul South Korea 37° N
Taipei Taiwan 25° N
Tokyo Japan 36° N
Victoria Hong Kong 23° N

City State Latitude
Cairo Egypt 30° N
Cape Town South Africa 34° S
Rabat Morocco 34° N
Tunis Tunisia 37° N
Windhoek Namibia 23° S

City State Latitude
Adelaide South Australia 35° S
Brisbane Queensland 27° S
Canberra New South Wales 35° S
Alice Springs Northern Territory 24° S
Hobart Tasmania 43° S
Perth Western Australia 32° S
Sydney New South Wales 34° S
Melbourne Victoria 38° S

[ toc ] Star Locator

Following are a list of bright stars with their R.A. and Dec coordinates, along with the northern hemisphere season when these stars are prominent in the night sky. This list will aid the observer to find alignment stars at various times of the year. For example, if it is a midsummer evening in the northern hemisphere, Deneb in the constellation Cygnus, would be an excellent alignment star, while Betelgeuse could not be used because it is in the winter constellation Orion and thus, below the horizon.

Season Star Name Constellation R.A. Dec
Spring Arcturus Bootes 14h16m 19° 11"
Spring Regulus Leo 10h09m 11° 58"
Spring Spica Virgo 13h25m -11° 10"
Summer Vega Lyra 18h37m 38° 47"
Summer Deneb Cygnus 20h41m 45° 17"
Summer Altair Aquilla 19h51m 08° 52"
Summer Antares Scorpious 16h30m -26° 26"
Fall Markab Pegasus 23h05m 15° 12"
Fall Fomalhaut Piscis Austrinis 22h58m -29° 38"
Fall Mira Cetus 02h19m -02° 58"
Winter Rigel Orion 05h15m -08° 12"
Winter Betelgeuse Orion 05h55m 07° 25"
Winter Sirius Canis Major 06h45m -16° 43"
Winter Aldebaran Taurus 04h35m 16° 31"

Appendix C: Precise Polar Alignment; Setting Circles

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