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Magellan II Telescope Computer System Instruction Manual
 V. Object Library
IMPORTANT NOTICE! Never use a telescope or spotting scope to look at the Sun! Observing the Sun, even for the shortest fraction of a second, will cause irreversible damage to your eye as well as physical damage to the telescope or spotting scope itself.
The Magellan 12,218-Object Library is a collection of the most studied and fantastic objects in the sky. This library consists of the following object databases:
  • 7,840 NGC (New General Catalog) objects*: Complete catalog
  • 4,093 IC (Index Catalog) objects*
  • 42 stellar objects
  • 110 Messier objects
  • 8 major planets
* NGC 2000 and IC databases are copyrighted by Sky Publishing Corporation and used with their permission.

[ toc ] A. NGC

You will notice that the Messier (M) objects, and the NGC objects have been incorporated into the Meade Instruments CNGC listing. CNGC stands for "Computerized New General Catalog of Non-Stellar Astronomical Objects." The CNGC is an enhancement from the RNGC (Revised New General Catalog) in many ways. Angular sizes are given in arc-seconds on the CNGC listing, and in a convenient scaled format on the Magellan Display. Magnitudes are given to .1 magnitude where possible.

The complete CNGC contains 7840 objects, most of which appear in the RNGC with the same number. More than 400 objects were added to the RNGC to create the CNGC. Most of these "should have been" in the RNGC in the sense that they are bright and large enough to have been included. The coordinates in the CNGC listing are listed for the year 2000.

Objects have been assigned a "Visual Quality Rating", henceforth called VQ. A large number of VQ's have been obtained by observing the objects. To make the VQ's as useful as possible, all observations have been made with the same telescope and eyepiece under substantially identical observing conditions. Only for very small objects was a higher power eyepiece used. Your, "Visual Quality Rating" of a particular object will vary, largely due to sky conditions.

All, or very nearly all, of the objects in the CNGC are visible with the standard instrumentation and observing conditions used to obtain the visual quality ratings. It is a good indication of what can be expected with similar equipment by experienced deep-sky observers in excellent sky conditions. Naturally smaller telescopes and/or less optimal observing conditions will lower the apparent quality of all objects.

[ toc ] B. IC

The Index Catalog (IC) is an extension of the NGC catalog and includes objects of interest to the amateur astronomer. The excerpted catalog of 4,093 objects is included.

[ toc ] C. MESSIER

The Messier Catalog has been the benchmark deep-sky catalog for years. Recently expanded to 110 objects, the Messier catalog contains most of the best deep-sky objects.

[ toc ] D. STAR

The STAR Catalog contains the 42 brightest stars used for alignment. This catalog also contains 8 major planets which can be found in order beginning with catalog number 901 to 909.

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