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Meade Model 900X Microscope #08019. This entry level microscope is an inexpensive doorway to the hidden microscopic world. Designed to bring hours of enjoyment and wonder. Includes everything needed for hours of fun and educational microscopic journeys, with durable carry case.

Includes a 28 piece accessory kit containing such items as slides, dyes, tweezers and other tools, all in a durable hard carry/storage case. An educational and entertaining experience for children who will learn as they play.

Features available magnifications of 100X, 400X and 900X, a built-in light for direct illumination, reflecting mirror for natural illumination, built-in eyepieces, dual spring clips for the slide holder, stage with clips, rotating color filter wheel, battery compartment for 2AA-size batteries (user-supplied).

Please note: This set may include chemicals that could be harmful if misused as well as tools with sharp points and edges. Read all cautionary statements in the manual. This set is not to be used by children under 8 years of age, and always with an adult supervisor.

Detailed Specifications

Model / Part Number:
900x / 08019

100X, 400X and 900X

Body Type:
Durable metal construction

Built-in light and reflecting mirror


Eyepiece Holder Type:

Slide Holder:
Dual spring clips

28 Piece Accessory Set:
7 blank glass slides, 5 prepared glass slides 12 cover glasses,12 blank labels, 7 glass slide covers, 7 statical slide covers, 7 slide labels, 2 collecting vials, stirring rod, tweezers, petri dish, eosin, sea salt, brine shrimp eggs, and gum media in bottle, shrimp hatchery, specimen slicer, scalpel, needle, tweezers, spare bulb, graduated cylinder and instruction manual.