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Stella Wi-Fi Adapter

Meet Stella

The adapter that allows you to wirelessly control your telescope. When paired with our Android and iOS app, StellaAccessyou can wirelessly control your computerized telescope with your smart phone or tablet. Creating its own Wi-Fi network or joining other Wi-Fi networks, the Stella adapter communicates and aids in controlling your scope to making observing a breeze!

With StellaAccess, you now have a graphical interface for navigating the night sky. With this new adapter, gone are the days of handbox limitations; now you have a full featured planetarium with 2.5 million objects at your fingertips that works in conjunction with your telescope!

Designed by the makers of SkySafari, Stella uses the WiFi capabilities built into your iOS or Android device to point your telescope in the sky. 

Many people get lost in the sea of stars, unsure of where to look. Now with Stella and StellaAccess, you can leave your woes behind and explore the skies with ease. See a deep-sky object on StellaAccess that you want to view? With a push of a button, your telescope will point to it. Stella gives you control of your telescope at a distance; keep the handbox at your telescope, and find celestial objects wirelessly.


Does Stella require internet access to work?

Don’t worry, you don’t need internet for Stella to work properly!  Unlike Bluetooth, Stella requires no pairing and no special drivers. Supporting a DHCP server or client,  Stella can enable your telescope to be remotely controlled.

All you need is a Wi-Fi enabled device like an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device.

How does Stella work?

Stella creates its own 802.11 wireless network. By default, this is an open wireless network called "Stella", but you can rename and secure as you wish.

Once you join this Wi-Fi network from any of your qualified devices, connect to your telescope using StellaAccess and you're ready to control your telescope from your smart phone or tablet. As long as your device gets its IP address by DHCP, no additional network configuration is required.

Battery Life  

Stella uses a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery. It has a typical battery life of 4-8 hours under continuous use and offers a “power-saving mode” to aid in increased battery life.  Stella can also be powered from an external source, like USB ports or wall socket. 

Apps, Software and Firmware  

To complete your Stella experience, you'll download and purchase our telescope control application, StellaAccess onto your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch or Android device. The Stella Wi-Fi adapter works seamlessly with StellaAccess app as well as the SkySafari software. Firmware is upgradable via computer.

Does the mobile app, StellaAccess, come free with Stella?

No, purchasing Stella Wi-Fi adapter does not include the mobile application, StellaAccess. StellaAccess is available for purchase for $14.99 from the Google Play Store or Apple iTunes Store. 

How to Download StellaAccess app