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Image of Saturn with Meade LPI
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  Images of the Moon with a Meade LPI
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Dear Meade Coporation, I just wanted to send along a big "Congratulations" on the creation of your "LPI Imager". I have had some very good results with right from the start. Just a few months ago when all the wonderful "Web-Cam" images were taking the amateur world of Astronomy by storm and with the birth of programs like "Registax", I found myself wondering how long it might be before someone came out with camera made justfor astro-imaging that would combine these two elements. No sooner had I mentioned it to my wife than I saw your first ads in Sky & Telescope for the new system (LPI). I, like I guess many others, became very excited. I think you folks have done some real "groundbreaking" stuff here, and I'm sure versions from other manufacturers will follow, but I think you should receive credit for bring the innovators. Please find an amazing Saturn image in CD form and a hard copy to use as you see fit. Big Thanks again for a "really cool system."

Greg Mort
Ashton, Maryland

Image of Jupiter by Steve Hamilton with a Meade LX90 and a Meade LPI
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  Image of Jupiter by Steve Hamilton with a Meade LX90 and a Meade LPI
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You folks may be interested in my latest Jupiter image. I am very flattered and of course, you are welcome to do with it as you please. I have included the original raw as it came out of the LPI (jupiter3.bmp), the post-processed version (JUPITER_02012004_SHAMILTON.jpg), and one other processed one as well if you want it (JUPITER_01252004A_SHAMILTON.jpg). The image was taken with my LX90 and a 5x Barlow at f50 using the LPI imaging software. Capture time was only about 2 ½ minutes due to the fast rotation of Jupiter at that magnification, any thing longer and it would blur the image. I used the Track and Combine method built into the app with min quality set at 90%. The total frame capture was about 150 images automatically stacked.

Post processing was done in PhotoShop primarily using unsharp-masking, Gaussian blur, and levels adjustments (for color balancing). Other than that, it is pretty much the base image as produced by the camera and software.

You guys have done an amazing job with these cameras and have done a fantastic job with the software. While I do image with several other cameras, I have found the LPI to be the best planetary can lunar camera I own (ok for some DSO’s as well) and when combined with your software, I believe, has really opened up the world of imaging to so many folks who may have never gotten into it.

Thanks again,
Stephen P. Hamilton

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