To automatically track and locate objects in the night to set up the telescope in twilight or before sunset the large open area where you can see lots of the night sky.  Make sure the ground is stable and approximately level. It is best to setup the scope away from bright nighttime lighting. Bright lights will spoil your night vision and impede you ability to see the sky.

The ETX “Alt/Az” Home Position

Once the ETX is fully assembled, you will first need to initialize AudioStar, set the telescope into the home position, and perform the Easy Alignment in order for the ETX to successfully locate celestial objects.

The home position for the ETX is with the telescope optical tube level and pointed in the direction of either True North or Magnetic North. See Figure 1. Correct telescope placement in the home position will ensure the successful location of the alignment stars.

Method #1: Finding True North using the North

To find True North, insert the bubble level/compass into they eyepiece holder and point the telescope tube towards Magnetic North. See the "Locating Polaris" diagram above, which directs you to the North Star (Polaris). Looking towards Magnetic North locate the Big Dipper; follow the two stars in the bowl of the Big Dipper to the North Star. With the tube still level, rotate it so that it points in the direction of the North Star. Lock the horizontal lock. The tube is pointing True North and now in the Alt/Az home position.

Method #2: Finding Magnetic North using a True North and Magnetic North differ and
will vary from location to location. In order to correctly compensate for these differences you would need to know the magnetic declination adjustment based on
alignment routine and AudioStar now allows you to point the telescope directly at your local magnetic North as a starting point for the alignment.

Using the included magnetic compass, determine the direction of magnetic North. The red arrow on the compass will point toward magnetic North.
away from large metal objects as this will interfere with the compass reading.

Now unlock the horizontal lock knob and rotate the mount until the OTA points toward magnetic North.

Lock the horizontal lock. The tube should now be level and pointing toward magnetic North. The ETX is now in the Alt/Az home position.

When performing the Easy Alignment, select 2=Compass when prompted. See Figure 3b.