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Meade® Series 3000 Plössl Eyepieces (1.25")

Multi-coated, parfocal, 4-element eyepieces of the classical Plössl design, perfectly suited to any telescope or observing application.

A fine alternative to more expensive eyepieces, Meade Series 3000 Plössls are available in a wide range of focal lengths from 5mm through 40mm and fully exploit the excellent image corrections obtainable from the classical Plössl design.

All five Series 3000 Plössls from 5mm through 25mm are parfocal, so that, at most, only slight refocusing of the image is required when switching from one eyepiece to another.

Meade Series 3000 Plössls are multi-coated for maximum light transmission and image contrast. Chrome-plated brass barrels are threaded for standard filters. Upper eyepiece sections are of gleaming black-anodized aluminum. All focal lengths include rubber eyecups.

Use the PL5mm and 6.7mm oculars for high-power observations of the Moon and planets, or for splitting close doubles. The PL9.5mm, an excellent moderately-high magnification eyepiece, is useful for more extended objects, such as globular clusters, that require magnification to be well-resolved. The medium-power PL16mm yields, for example, a power of 125X and actual field of 0.40° in an 8" f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain—an ideal combination for observing structural detail in the Orion Nebula (M42), the Andromeda Galaxy (M31), and other large objects. For general-purpose observing of the total range of astronomical objects, the PL25mm provides low-power images high in contrast and sharp to the field edge. All Series 3000 Plössls also function well when used with a quality Barlow lens.

Manufactured to exclusive Meade optical designs by a leading lensmaker, Series 3000 Plössl eyepieces produce excellent results on telescopes of all types, from Schmidt-Cassegrains to reflectors and refractors. 

Series 3000 Plössl 40mm (1.25"): Complementary to the Series 3000 Plössls above, the Plössl 40mm yields spectacular, low-power, wide-field results with any telescope. Manufactured to the classical Plössl 4-element design, the PL40mm produces, for example, a power of 50X and actual field of 0.88°, almost two Moon-diameters, with an 8" f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain. The chrome-plated brass barrel is threaded for filters.


Design: 4-element Plössl, multi-coated;
              parfocal in focal lengths 5mm through 25mm.

Focal Lengths: 5, 6.7, 9.5, 16, 25, and 40mm

Eyepiece Barrels: 1.25" O.D., threaded for filters

Apparent Fields: 5mm through 25mm—50°



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