LightBridge Plus 16" Telescope

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  • 16" (406mm)- Newtonian Reflector
  • 1829mm (f/4.5) Focal Length
  • 2", 2-Speed (10:1) Rack & Pinion Focuser
  • Open Truss Design For Ultra Portability & Large Light-Gathering Capability
  • Dobsonian Base with No-Tool Assembly
  • 2" Series 4000 26mm Eyepiece INCLUDED
  • Aluminum Red-Dot Viewfinder INCLUDED

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Meade’s 16” LightBridge™ Plus offers a 16” (406mm) aperture with 1829mm (f/4.5) focal length. Accessories include: 2” 26mm Eyepiece (providing 48x magnification), metal red-dot viewfinder to help easily locate objects in the night sky, and 2” to 1.25” adapter to provide the ability to use a wide range of different eyepieces. Heaviest component: 40 lbs.

Meade’s LightBridge™ continues its legacy with the LightBridge™ Plus Series Telescopes. The LightBridge™ Plus Telescopes have a modern, sleek design that incorporates a no-tool assembly build. These telescopes have a large light-gathering capability to provide bright, clear images when viewing deep-space objects such as galaxies, nebulae, planets, and much more.

If you’ve ever wanted a large aperture telescope but were unable to have the ability to move it around on your own, Meade’s LightBridge™ Plus Telescopes are here to make it practical. Available in 10, 12, & 16-inch apertures, this open truss design allows for increased portability over standard solid-tube designs and is able to provide easy setup and teardown for a large aperture telescope.

The redesigned Dobsonian base has a no-tool assembly and provides improved stability. Includes premium features such as roller bearings, a hand-adjustable variable tension brake for smooth and stable movement, and a mounted eyepiece holder that can carry (1) 2” and (3) 1.25” eyepieces for your convenience.

The LightBridge™ Plus Series Telescopes feature an upgraded 2”, 2-speed Rack and Pinion Focuser. The Rack & Pinion design includes a 10:1 fine focus knob for precise focusing and includes a Vernier scale with millimeter markings on the drawtube to assist with focusing accuracy.

Included with the LightBridge™ Plus Telescopes is a 3-element, fully multi-coated  2” Series 4000 26mm Eyepiece - providing a 56 degree apparent field of view -  and an aluminum Red-Dot Viewfinder. Also included is Meade’s AutoStar Suite Astronomer Edition- displaying more than 15,000 celestial wonders, this software allows you to view the night sky, constellations, planet positions and more from any location.

The LightBridge™ Plus Series provides high-quality Meade® optics, ultra-portability, and remarkable performance for one affordable price. Get the aperture you’ve always wanted and open the doors to a whole new universe with Meade’s LightBridge™ Plus.


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More Information
Featured Product Yes
Series LightBridge™ Plus Telescopes
UPC 709942999365
Warranty 1 Year
Experience Level Intermediate
Activity Camping, Observing, Travel
Type Dobsonian, Reflector
Clear Aperture 16" (406mm)
Optical Design Newtonian Reflector
Focal Length 1829mm
Focal Ratio f/4.5
OTA Cooling Fan Yes
Viewfinder Metal Red-Dot Viewfinder
Eyepiece(s) 2" Series 4000 26mm
Focuser Mechanism 2", 2-Speed (10:1) Rack & Pinion Focuser
Typical Guiding Performance with StarLock < 1 arc-second
Assembled Product Dimensions 73.5" x 33.3" (1868mm x 845mm)
Assembled Product Weight 144 lbs.