Coronado CEMAX 25mm Eyepiece

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  • CEMAX 25mm Eyepiece 1.25"


Product Description

Coronado CEMAX 25mm Eyepiece (1.25")- for use with Coronado H-alpha Solar Telescopes and filters. 1.25" Barrel Size. Specifically designed for use at H-alpha (or Ha) wavelengths, this specialty eyepiece uses optimized coatings to enhance contrast, minimize glare and also affords excellent contrast for planetary viewing. With caps.

Please note: that this eyepiece is NOT a filter and for Solar observing must be used in conjunction with a Coronado Ha Solar Telescope or telescope with a Coronado filter set appropriately and safely mounted.

Features 20mm eye relief, 52° field of view, and rubber eye guard.



Series CEMAX Series Eyepieces


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