Imaging Color Filter LRGB Set (1.25")

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  • Set of Luminance, Red, Green, and Blue Filters
  • Passes More Than 93% Light Transmission for High Performance Astrophotography
  • Durable, Multi-Layer Dichroic Coatings
  • Luminance Filter blocks UV and IR for Best Contrast and Sharpness
  • Filter Threads to Fit Most Standard 1.25” Format Imaging Accessories and Filter Wheels
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Meade’s new top-quality Series 6000 LRGB Imaging Filters are the ideal match for your monochrome imaging camera, including the LPI-G series and DSI IV monochrome cameras. Capture vivid, colorful astrophotos with this set of Luminance, Red, Green, and Blue filters. Each filter passes more than 93% light transmission in the key wavelengths for high-performance astrophotography with a natural color balance. The Luminance filter also blocks UV and IR for the best contrast and sharpness.
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More Information
UPC 709942100013
Clear Aperture 24mm
Warranty 5 Years
Thread Size M28.4 x 0.75 6g, fits most imaging accessories
Filter Type Dichroic
Product Dimensions 31.7mm x 6mm per filter