I work for a software company by day, and by night I am exploring the universe from my backyard in Sacramento. My fascination with space began when I was just a kid, looking through my dad's old Meade 2120 to see the rings of Saturn, the cloud bands on Jupiter, and much more. We also got to witness rare events such as the Hale-Bopp comet, and the Shoemaker-Levy 9 collision with Jupiter.

As I became older my interest with space was renewed, as I began to hear how backyard astronomers around the world were able to create incredible images of our night skies using amateur equipment. I started learning the skies with a basic dobsonian, and my father gave me his old Meade 2120, so I was able to start getting pictures of deep space objects. I started sharing images on social media to get crowd-sourced feedback and to help refine my craft. I am determined to get as many people as possible interested and excited about space, as a way to improve public interest in our space program. I believe our future is in the skies.


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