I am the Chief Technology Officer of sci_Zone, a small technology company developing systems for satellites and near space missions (~100,000' altitude). The seeds of my space and astronomical journey began when I was five years, and fully blossomed in 1976 with the purchase of my first eyepiece, a "research grade" Orthoscopic along with a camera adapter from Meade. Since then Meade equipment has been intertwined with my experiences in Astronomy and Space Exploration.

I am active nationally in a range of community and education outreach events and activities, speak at various conferences related to satellites and space exploration, and support the Rio Rancho Astronomical Society in Rio Rancho, New Mexico and the Forest Hills Central (FHC) high school Astronomy Club in Ada, Michigan. I am also the founding Chairman of the Small Satellite Technical Committee of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). My most recent outreach events include the Sun Observing event at the "Neighborhood" retirement community in Rio Rancho, and the Great American Eclipse with the FHC Astronomy Club in Torrington, Wyoming. Future events will be at the Rio Rancho Astronomy Club, the FHC Astronomy Club, and a solar fun event at Holland State Park this fall, along with a speaking and outreach events at SciTech in Kissimmee, Florida. Additionally I work the engineering and physics departments at Carthage College, the University of South Alabama, the U.S. Naval Academy, Utah State University and Auburn University.

I am avid "prosumer" Astronomer sharing my knowledge and experiences of space and science with the world at large and through in-person events and social media, including live Youtube broadcasts and videos at "spacetravelerx". "Prosumer" because my photographs are used in company product images and people have recently begun to purchase my images. As noted, Meade products have been a part of my life since 1976. In my inventory I have one of the first 10" LX200 telescopes - AND it still works perfectly, the ETX125, the LXD75 and the 14" f/8 ACF with the LX850. Additionally I own from Meade the 80mm and 130mm Meade 6000 ED APO, the Coronado PST and the Coronado 90mm SolarMax II double stack. Though I am mostly focused on astrophotography and video astronomy I have the complete set of the Meade 5000 HD-60 eyepieces and Meade 5000 Ultra Wide Angle eyepieces. I also have a range of Meade accessories and filters.

Meade products have been an integral part of my Astronomical Experience. I love to share the joys of the Universe utilizing Meade Products. As a Mechanical and Aerospace Engineer (B.S. and M.S from the University of Michigan) and product engineer I can assist with product evaluation, field testing and provide valuable guidance and test data to the Meade Product Development staff. Also, New Mexico experiences over 300 days of clear, observable nights providing remarkable opportunities to test, evaluate and demonstrate products in the high desert of New Mexico. Lastly, my location has the resources to support field testing including networking of telescopes, data collection, servers and a light duty machine shop. Next year we are targeting to add a PODMAX observatory to our location under a federal contract.