I have always been fascinated with the cosmos and for many years, I wanted a telescope but just never purchased one.  When I was 31, I got my first telescope as a gift.  It was a 5” Dobsonian which allowed me to see the planets and moon without knowing what else was out there.  This was my only telescope for years.  I always had the dream to do astrophotography but never knew what it entailed.  So I jumped in head first about a year and a half ago.   I bought my first 8” SCT on a motorized mount.  This set me on my path.  It was a rough one but now I own 4 telescopes, 3 mounts, and 2 astrophotography cameras.

Going forward, I see astrophotography becoming an even bigger part of my life.  Every night out is still a learning experience and my goal is to keep improving upon my images.  Every image I get is a huge feather in my cap.  I know there are other people out there getting the same image but its different when you actually get that same image from YOUR camera.  I also could see myself helping others who struggled the same way I did in the beginning.   I feel like if I can just help one person who has a similar setup as me, it’s a big win!


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