Fabian Rodriguez Frustaglia

My passion for astronomy goes back to my childhood, at the age of 9; the first thing I bought in my life was a "telescope".
That scope was a 2" refractor mounted in a wooden tripod... I started to understand the mechanics of the skies having a look at the Moon, Mars, Jupiter and the fascinating Saturn.

During my teen ages, I learnt about the constellations and deep sky objects, being able to locate
some of them from high polluted skies in Ramos Mejia, Argentina.
My interest in astronomy was so big that I was ready to start a serious Astronomy career at
University. But, I changed my mind at the very last minute and decided to keep it as a hobby.

At mid‐twenties, I joint the Asociacion Argentina Amigos de la Astronomia (AAAA) where I was able
to improve my knowledge and to build up an 8" reflector from head to toes. We were in the early
The AAAA had a classic Meade LX200, it was very easy to use and the optics were first class. So, I
decided to buy my third scope by then, I'd no doubts it was going to be a Meade, my budget brought
me to a Meade LX50 10" f/10, that was my first serious scope. I immediately felt in love with the
quality of the optics and its performance. I had enjoyed that telescope for several years, and I still
keep it.

I was so impressed by the quality of the Meade products that I added to my collection a Meade
Pictor 216 camera.

At the end of the 90's my astronomy activities went on vacation as family, work took the lead.

But, when I arrived to Perth, Australia in 2012 and after knowing that this city counts with 200+ clear
nights per year, I decided this was the right place and the right time to go back to my astronomy
passion and to start digging into astrophotography.

Meade products performance were always in my mind, so it wasn't a question which telescope to
buy: the new equatorial mounted Meade LX850, I decided to go bigger this time so I'd ordered a 12"

I must admit that I was not disappointed, the mount is a state of the art machine, the optics are
extremely performant and the Starlock is a fantastic gadget that allows to start an imaging session
just a few seconds after your target is centred.

I'm so happy with Meade that I'm sure my astronomical adventure with them will not end up here...