Greg Hogan believes in capturing moments and has a dramatic eye for beautiful skies and mesmerizing landscapes. Greg lives in Kathleen, Georgia with his wife and 3 sons.

“For the last 10 years I have had my hands in photography. I have taken pictures for lots of beautiful families, babies, and weddings. I have taken a break from all that and over the last year I have been exploring the night sky with my camera. When the nights are clear I find a new spot in the sky and I capture images from what I can see or sometimes not see but know is there. This is my adventure in astrophotography. It is a challenge and a joy to find new gems in the night sky.

I started my adventure with a Meade ETX80 I found at a Yard Sale. I quickly realized this scope was a great scope for viewing the night sky, and made some tweaks of my own to convert it to allow for imaging.”

How did you first discover your love of photography?
My mom has always been so good about capturing moments when I was growing up, this was before the digital camera age. So I have lots of old prints. I always have been drawn to capturing moments. Photography allows me to do that.

What’s the most important type of equipment for you?
My eye. Without it I would see nothing, sometimes I don’t have my camera with me or my equipment, but I always have that. In those moments I stop and I enjoy the moment and a mental picture is taken and saved.