My name is Mustafa Aydın and I am from Ankara Turkey. Astronomy has been my passion since my childhood. I started with small 3” dobsonian telescope to my visual observations, in astronomysize matters and you never get enough of what you see. That leads most of the amateur astronomers to astrophotography somehow. I started astrophotography with DSLR camera and lens both for widefield nightscapes and deep space astrophotography with tele lenses and small mounts. I own my Meade 6000 series 70mm APO quadruplet for 3years and the quality of the telescope and the results have been impressing me since the very 1st light.Astrophotography needs passion and patience.My passion in astrophotography is widefield deep space photos and that was the reason I picked my meade instruments telescope. I like to capturetexture of the space and tell people that space is just not pitch black there is lots of stuff there that we can not see, also not everything is so small in space there are huge structures but we cannot just see them. Astrophotography and long exposure helps us seeing them.
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