My name is Richard Keele, my entire family is extremely talented in all forms of art. I'm big into photography, and more specifically, astrophotography. I spend my days doing software development, and my spare time being a husband, father, photographer and astronomer. I helped organize and was a co-founder of our local astronomy club.

My experience with Meade has been nothing but positive. My 1st Meade scope was the ETX 105 which was the scope I used to photograph my 1st successful astro photo, which blew up all over the internet and social media, since the photo was of the 1st of the latest tetrad of blood moons. Later I had to sell this scope since I needed the money, but later bought the Meade 80mm Triplet series 5000 refractor to use specifically for astro photography. This has since become my favorite go to scope. Small and light weight with superb optics. I am now the proud owner of the Star Navigator NG 130mm, which I am eager to let my oldest child use to spend some more quality time with dad.