Retired Navy veteran and Air Traffic Controller Stephen W. Ramsden founded and is the director the world’s largest hands-on, totally free, astronomy outreach program - The Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project. (nonprofit 501c3) from his hometown of Atlanta, GA in the United States.

Ramsden transports his Coronado solar astronomy gear to over 80 school locations yearly to use our wonderful hobby as an introduction to high tech science and to encourage students to pursue careers in space exploration and research.

CBSAP has donated high-end Coronado equipment in over 25 countries around the world creating affiliates on 5 continents from North Africa and Australia to Canada and Europe. Their global reach exceeds to 200,000+ students annually exposed to direct solar astronomy education at over 300 free events.

Stephen uses his position as a Master Birder with the Audubon Society to help people become exposed to the wonderful variety of avians viewable to anyone who wants to explore nature.

Stephen has also launched a new organization called Sunlit Earth. Sunlit Earth is a non-profit promoting public solar astronomy outreach and imaging. Focus relies primarily on photos and stories of unique interpretations of direct and indirect results of sunlight on Earth through the following: native peoples, wildlife and landscape photography, spectroscopic photography of landscapes, insects, and animals.

Meade is proud to have Stephen and Sunlit Earth by CBSAP representing our brand worldwide and fully support him with our Coronado line of products and outdoor gear.