LPI-G Advanced Camera (Monochrome)


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  • CMOS - SONY IMX178 Image Sensor

  • 6.3 Megapixels (3072 x 2048)

  • 1.25" Nosepiece, C-Mount

  • 2.4µm x 2.4µm Pixel Size

  • Can be used for Auto-Guiding, or Astrophotography of Solar System Objects

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    Product Description

    The LPI-G Advanced allows the user to experience our universe on a whole new level with Meade's Advanced solar, lunar, and planetary guide camera.

    This USB 3.0 14-bit camera allows for increased dynamic range allowing the user to experience the universe like never before! The LPI-G Advanced features a large image sensor along with a high pixel count that allows for increased resolution, making it ideal for planets and solar imaging. The LPI-G Advanced has a back illuminated CMOS - SONY IMX178, image sensor with 2.4 x 2.4 micron pixel size and pixel array of 6.3 Megapixels (3072 x 2048). This Imager & Guider is able to take 59 frames per second at full resolution. The camera has a 3.0 connection and ASCOM ST-4 Guider Port for easy connection to the mount.

    The LPI-G Advanced also includes a high-speed USB 3.0 connecting cable, ST-4 Guide Cable, 1.25" nose extension with C-Mount, and Meade Sky Capture Software on CD Rom - includes Installation and Operating instructions.

    The LPI-G Advanced is able to save images in a variety of formats including: JPEG, BITMAP, FITS, TIFF, PNG, PCX, TGA & BCM. It can also save videos in either SER or AVI formats.

    Will work with the following Operating Systems:

    • Microsoft Windows XP (32 & 64 Bit)
    • Microsoft Windows Vista (32 & 64 Bit)
    • Microsoft Windows 7 (32 & 64 Bit)
    • Microsoft Windows 8 (32 & 64 Bit)
    • Microsoft Windows 10 (32 & 64 Bit)
    • Linux

    Computer Requirements: Equal to Intel Core 2.8GHz or higher. Solid State hard drive recommended for getting the maximum frame rates.

    The LPI-G Advanced is available in both Color & Monochrome.

    *NOTE* When using to image the Sun, use appropriate solar filters.


    Review by:
    Doing photography on the side it was nice to find a small high quality camera that has a high frame rate and large sensor in such a small package. Sony has been dominating the market with producing high quality sensors for a good price, and Meades attention to detail took this into account which is why this little guy has one of those nice Sony sensors. I have not used this as a Guider yet, so I have no opinion on how it performs in that regard, but it is stellar ;) when imaging planetary, Lunar, and Solar bodies, and did pretty decent work on the Orion Nebula too when I tried it out. Finally how nice is that blue anodized aluminium, absolutely gorgeous! Things to consider when purchasing this, just make sure you have a lot of Hard drive space to capture all the data this little camera pumps out. (Posted on 7/11/2018)


    UPC 709942999426
    Power Source DC 5V over PC USB port
    Warranty 1 Year
    Storage Temperature -20C ~ 60C
    Image Sensor CMOS - SONY IMX178
    Chip Dimensions 1/1.8 inch (7.4mm x 4.9mm)
    Pixels 6.3 Megapixels (3072 x 2048)
    Pixel Size 2.4μm x 2.4μm
    A/D Conversion 8 or 14 bits
    Frames per second/Resolution 59 fps at full resolution
    Shutter Electronic Rolling Shutter
    Minimum Exposure Time 0.244ms
    Maximum Exposure Time 1,000s
    Mounting Type • 1.25" nosepiece • C-mount
    Interface Type USB 2.0 or 3.0
    Back Focus Distance 17.8mm
    Image Format JPEG, BITMAP, FITS
    Video Format SER, AVI
    Binning • Sensor Binning: 1x1, 2x2 • Digital Binning: 1x1, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4
    Spectral Range 350-1050nm
    Operating Temperature -10C ~ 50C
    Operating Humidity 30% ~ 80%
    Contents Included
  • LPI-G Monochrome camera
  • High Speed USB 3.0 A male to B male gold plated connectors' cable/ 1.5m
  • ST-4 Guide cable - 1.5m guide cable
  • 1.25" nose extension with C-mount
  • Meade Sky Capture Software on CD ROM- Includes Installation and Operating Instructions.
  • Product Dimensions 1.24" diameter. 1.7" x 2.8" (43mm x 72mm)
    Product Weight 3.4 Ounces



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