LX90-ACF 8" f/10 with Standard Field Tripod


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  • 8" f/10 Advanced Coma-Free Optics - 2000mm focal length

  • Ultra-High Transmission Coatings (UHTC)

  • Standard Field Tripod

  • AudioStar™ handbox with speaker and Astronomer Inside™

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Product Description

The patented Meade Advanced Coma-Free (ACF) optical design offers the coma-free pinpoint star images and flatter image fields greatly desired by discerning amateur astronomers, astrophotographers and professional observatories alike. This system also reduces the astigmatism and eliminates the diffraction spikes found in classical Ritchey-Chrétien designs. No competing Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope can make those claims.

The 8" LX90 has an 8” diameter f/10 ACF optical system (focal length 2000mm) and Ultra-High Transmission Coatings (UHTC) for maximum image brightness and contrast. Electronics include the advanced Meade AudioStar™ computer system with over 30,000 object library, multiple guided tours, High Precision Pointing capability, and Meade SmartDrive with Permanent Periodic Error Correction.

Precise and quick star alignment is done near effortlessly with an incorporated 16 channel genuine Sony GPS receiver. The AudioStar™ is flash-updatable via free downloads at Meade.com (optional cable required).

All LX90 models feature the solid and stable LX90 aluminum double fork mount, with fast slew speed adjustable from 1 to 7 degrees per second. Fine slewing and photographic guiding speeds can be adjusted from .01x to 1x sidereal in one one-hundredth increments. The mount and all electronics are internally powered by 8 (user supplied) C-cell batteries which will typically operate the telescope for a generous 60 hours (optional Meade Universal AC adapter also available). The mount also has mechanical locks in both axis allowing adjustment even without power.

The LX90 comes fully equipped with a heavy duty height adjustable Meade Field Tripod, 1.25" diagonal mirror, Series 4000 26mm 5-Element Plössl eyepiece, and Meade AutoStar® Suite Astronomer Edition Software for PC and an 8x50 optical viewfinder with quick release bracket. Scope weight is 33 pounds with 19 pound tripod. Ships in 2 boxes.

Product carries full one year Meade factory limited warranty.


Review by:
Built in GPS sets location and time and date with great accuracy and no typing required to enter that data. It is all automatic. Optics are truly amazing. Jupiter shows banding, red spot, shadows of moons passing in front of planet. Saturn showed three moons and Titan. The Cassini division in the rings is easy. Planet shows shadow of ring in front, and rings show shadow of planet where the rings cross behind Saturn. The goto function is so accurate.

I had to wait for Neptune and Uranus to rise in the east, but there they were - centered in the eyepiece. Neptune is tiny, but clearly a dark blue disk. Uranus is a little larger and a lighter blue disk. Once the sky was completely dark, the Whirlpool galaxy and Sombrero galaxy were bright and contrasty. The Hercules cluster (M13) is a show stopper. This telescope makes astronomy fun. Oh! there is a tour called "tonight's best." It has a huge list of showy items to look at. It keeps track of what is actually placed well for observing. It doesn't bother you with items that are placed poorly or below the horizon. What took Meade so long to build a perfect instrument? All of the bright objects in the tour have audio tracks that describe what you are looking at AND include audio about unusual facts. Do you want to know how many Earth's will fit inside Jupiter? Did you know if Jupiter was a little bigger, it would have become a star?

Down-sides? Very minor stuff.

Tripod setup: The telescope and tripod are beefy, (25 pounds for the tripod and 35 pounds for the telescope), and requires some setup when new. There is a single, 1/2 bolt that holds the scope to the tripod and makes the tripod rigid. This bolt takes about 15 minutes to install the first time the telescope is set-up.

There is some initial alignment of the finder and telescope. To do it during the day, pick a shady, outdoor location where the top of a power pole is visible from about a mile away. At night, use the moon. This will allow alignment of the finder scope and main telescope, Also, the main telescope comes with the mirror all the way in the rear of the tube. The focus control moves the main mirror forward and back. The first time you focus the telescope, you have to rack the focus knob almost 30 full rotations to get it to the focus point. None of the instructions mention this fact. I thought at first the mechanism was broken, but this is normal for the first time the focuser is adjusted.

The weight of the telescope is substantial. There are attached handles to make carrying it easier

You will need a kit box to carry the accessories. I bought a toolbox at Lowe's and put thin foam sheets on the bottom surfaces. You need a dust proof way to carry the finder, any eyepieces, the diagonal prism, the rear cell adapter for eyepieces or diagonal, the included compass, a small plastic bullet level (also available at Lowe's), the AudioStar controller, and a red flashlight

An old belt or some rope or some bungee to hold the legs of the tripod together when carrying it is very helpful. (Posted on 7/24/2017)


Series LX90 Telescopes
Warranty 1 Year
Experience Level Intermediate
Clear Aperture 8"
Optical Design Advanced Coma-Free (ACF)
Optical Coatings UHTC™
Focal Length 2,000mm
Focal Ratio f/10
Resolving Power (Dawes' Limit) 0.570 arc-seconds
Oversized Primary Mirror Yes
Viewfinder 8x50mm with cross-hair reticle
Eyepiece(s) 26mm Series 4000™ Super Plössl
Focuser Mechanism Single Speed Focuser
Diagonal 1.25" diagonal mirror
Hand Controller AudioStar™
Object Database 30,000 objects
Pointing Precision (High-Precision Mode) 1.5 arc-minute (+/-)
Periodic Error Correction Polar mode only (RA)
Slow Motion Controls Electronic
Slew Speeds RA and Dec:1x, 2x, 8x, 16x, 64x, 128x sidereal and 1.5°/sec., 3°/sec., 6.5°/sec.
Tracking Rates Sidereal, Lunar, or custom-selected from 2000 incremental rates
Control Panel 12v Power port, On/Off Switch, Handbox port, 2x Aux ports
Tripod Standard Field Tripod
Power Source (Optional) 12v DC, 5 amp power supply
Batteries (User-Supplied) 8 x C cells
GPS Receiver Yes
Electronic Focuser Optional
Smart Drive™ Yes
Astronomer Inside™ Yes
Anti-vibration Pads Optional
Wedge Optional


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