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 Section 14: Autoguiding
IMPORTANT NOTICE! Never use a telescope or spotting scope to look at the Sun! Observing the Sun, even for the shortest fraction of a second, will cause irreversible damage to your eye as well as physical damage to the telescope or spotting scope itself.
Note that this feature is separate from the standalone autoguiding features of the Pictor XT. (see manual Section 1).

To Autoguide:

1. Select Autoguide from the Camera Menu, then select the autoguiding mode. PictorView XT supports two modes of autoguiding: Guiding on the brightest object in the field of vision, and guiding on a selected object.

2. For guide on brightest: select guide on brightest. The camera will take an exposure, determine the brightest point, and begin guiding on it.

3. For user guide: The Pictor will take an image and display it, then prompt you to double click on the object you wish to guide on. After confirmation, the camera will then guiding on the selected object.

4. While autoguiding, a display will appear that shows each successive correction made by the Pictor. This will continue until you press the Stop Autoguiding button.

5. Note: The 416XT and 1616XT are not intended to be used as computer-controlled autoguiders.

Section 15: Toolbar and Status Bar

The toolbar contains icons for accessing many of the most popular features of PictorView XT. The status bar provides tool tips for each menu item, communication status information, the current x and y coordinates of the mouse on the active image, and the temperature of the CCD chip.

(left to right):

File Open: Displays the File Open window.

File Save: Saves the current active image.

Copy: Copies the active image to the clipboard.

Print: Prints the active image.

Zoom In: Zooms in the active image by 50%.

Zoom Out: Zooms out the active image by 50%.

Subframe Tool: Turns on the subframe mode for the active image.

Exposure Setup List: List box of all 16 possible exposure setups. Current setup is selected.

Edit Exposure Setup: Opens the Edit Setup window for the current setup.

Take Image: Takes an image using the current setup.

AutoFocus: Starts the autofocusing mode.

Image Information: Displays the Image Information window.

Image Scaling Tool: Displays the Image Scaling and histogram window.

Blink Image Comparator: Opens the Blink Comparator window to blink two images.

Autoguide on Brightest: Immediately starts autoguiding on the brightest object in the camera's field of view.

Connect / Disconnect: Connects to the camera if offline, prompted disconnect if online.

About PictorView XT: Displays the PictorView XT About Box, with memory and resource information.

Status Bar: (left to right)

Tips: Shows basic tip information about menu commands and toolbar icons as they are highlighted.

X,Y: Shows the X,Y coordinates of the mouse as it moves over the current image.

Dn: Displays the intensity value for the current pixel (0 to 255for 8 bit images, 0 to 65536 for 16 bit images). This may not be available for all image types.

Connection: Shows the connection status; Offline or Online, the Comm port and Baud rate

Temperature: Shows the current temperature of the camera and percentage cooling power. Sampled every two seconds.

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