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 Section 17: Using the Pictor XT with the LX200
IMPORTANT NOTICE! Never use a telescope or spotting scope to look at the Sun! Observing the Sun, even for the shortest fraction of a second, will cause irreversible damage to your eye as well as physical damage to the telescope or spotting scope itself.
All members of the Meade Pictor XT series are fully compatible with theLX200 and LX50 families of telescopes. This means you can use your Pictor XT to autoguide your LX series telescope without any additional equipment. You can also use the advanced features of PictorView XT such as Auto Focus(with electric focuser), AutoCenter, and AutoMosaic. These features require that your PC have two serial ports available if you are using a 208XT or 216XT. The second serial cable runs from the PC to the RS-232 port on theLX200.

See the LX200 Menu for more information.

Section 18: Troubleshooting

No Communications

Check cables; be sure one end has not worked loose.

Make sure the Pictor 208/216XT reads PC. If not, unplug the power from the supply, NEVER from the camera.

Be sure the baud rate is not set too high for your pc; check your user's manual if you are not sure. See the Installation section for more information.

Select File, About. Look at the System resources and make sure it is above60 or so. If not, restart Windows and try again.

If the problem persists, make a note of any error conditions and call technical support.

No SCSI Communications

1. Be sure that the SCSI cables are connected securely to the camera and the PC.

2. Be sure that the SCSI id is set correctly for your camera. The camera's ID is factory set to 4. To set the ID in the software, Select File, Set User Preferences, then look at the 416/1616 SCSI ID.

3. Be sure the transfer rate is set to 5MB/Ssec for the ID of the camera. This is necessary on some higher end SCSI cards. There is usually a configuration utility for setting these options. See the documentation for your particular card.

4. Be sure the external termination is set to off or automatic for the SCSI card. Again, see the documentation for your particular card.

5. If you are using Windows 3.1, be sure the ASPI managers for DOS and Windows are installed.

6. If you are using Windows 95, you also need to install the ASPI for DOS/Windows3.11.

7. If you get the message "ASPI for DOS does not support Windows", or a similar message, you need to reinstall the DOS/Windows SCSI drivers or contact the card's manufacturer to see if a new set of drivers are available( for Adaptec cards, see the web site

No Visible Image

Try adjusting the background and range using the arrow keys, also check the histogram and see if there is any image data. If the histogram is very low, increase brightness or retake the image with a longer exposure time.

Autoguider Does Not Work

Be sure that you have calibrated the autoguider as described in the User's Manual section on stand-alone autoguiding.

Cannot Save Image

There are some file formats that PictorView XT cannot convert from. If you are trying to save a new image as any format, there should be no problems as long as there is enough space on the hard drive.

If the problem persists, make a note of the file format you were trying to save (and the original format, if this was not a new image), and call technical support.

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