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 Section 8: LX200 Menu
IMPORTANT NOTICE! Never use a telescope or spotting scope to look at the Sun! Observing the Sun, even for the shortest fraction of a second, will cause irreversible damage to your eye as well as physical damage to the telescope or spotting scope itself.
This menu contains the three special functions that can only be performed with an LX200.


This allows you to center any part of the object on the screen. The PC will move the telescope the precise amount for you. You must have the correct information entered into the Field of View Calculator first, though.


This feature allows you to image large areas of the sky without manually moving the telescope. As with AutoCenter, you must have current information in the Field of View Calculator for this function to work properly.

The default mosaic size is 3 frames by three, with a 20 percent overlap. Mosaics up to 7 X 7 are supported, with overlaps from 5% to 90%. Overlaps of less that 15% are not recommended. The mosaic does not have to be rectangular; for example a 4X2 or 6x3 mosaic is perfectly acceptable. Each frame of the mosaic is taken using the current exposure setup, and the numbering is shown in the window above.

The mosaic will always start at the bottom left, then move the telescope up, then over one row and down, then over and up again, etc. The frame order is provided so that you will know how to put the images together later. You should save the images with names that will make putting them together easier.

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