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Pros- Small, compact, easy to actually pack and go. The optics are great, and can easily be transported. For the price, the tripod is stable enough and it is easy to align.

Cons- The only problem/issue I have is the focuser knob. While focusing on an object, it is easy to bump the tube and makes it more difficult than it has to be.

I was also able to see Jupiter with its 4 moons, Saturn with its rings and 1 moon. I also bought a sun filter and I am was able to view sunspots on it.

Ask yourself, which is a better telescope, one with that is 80mm that you can bring anywhere, or a huge telescope you can rarely transport with you. Of course the images aren't as great with an 8inch or bigger telescope. However, if you need a truly transportable telescope, I would recommend this one,.
I would recommended rechargeable batteries for this telescope.

Other issues: Meade it is 2017, give us better software and the ability to use a USB cable to hook this telescope up with our laptops. No one uses a RS232 serial PC Interface Cable anymore. (Posted on 9/17/2017)
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I bought this on a recent trip to the USA for the 21 August Eclipse. I am amazed how good it is for the price. It represents excellent value and the voice narrative of celestial objects is a hit with the children.

I also like that it can be battery powered. It is lightweight enough to transport readily and I foresee a lot of use. (Posted on 8/24/2017)
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Fully Multi-Coated Optics from Meade Instruments who as of 2013 is owned by Sunny Optics, Inc. out of China.
Great 3" Short-Tube Achro Refractor used for Terrestrial spotting and Planetary/Lunar observation that can be utilized (when more invested in the hobby) as a guide-scope. Image quality is great as Meade optics excel past the mid-range amateur market. The chromatic aberration is minimal and the FOV is upright, crisp and sharp to the edges
Tripod is made for mobility (Grab n Go) and is lightweight so you will want to get a 2000g Calibration Weight with bungee-cord to hook on the bottom of tripod for stability.

Note: Get a couple of higher end eyepieces, as the ones provided are usable but not the best. *A good 9mm eyepiece + x3 Barlow will get 133.33 magnification as the scopes max is around 157. (Posted on 6/20/2017)

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