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LX90 Sale

Meade's LX90 series offers a sophisticated level of performance, quality, and superior optics. Ideal for high-resolution observing as well as being fully capable for more advanced levels of astronomy such as long-exposure astrophotography.

From December 6th, 2019 through January 31st, 2020, you can SAVE $200 on all LX90 Telescopes. 

SolarMax III Sale


Coroado provides creative and innovative optics for the amateur and progessional solar observer with Hydrogen-alpha (H-a) solar technologies. The SolarMax III (SMIII) Series is available in 70mm and 90mm apertures and single-stack or double-stacked bandpasses. SMIII Telescopes feature external "true" H-a etalon filters, 2" two-speed rack & pinion focuser, and RichView™ tuning.

For over the past 250 days and counting, the sun has been inactive with no visible sunspots and low solar activity. Although we are in a deep solar minimum, there is nothing minimum about these SolarMax III savings! From January 2nd - Febraury 29th, 2020, you can SAVE UP TO $1,200 on SolarMax III Telescopes.