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Mercury Transit (P.S.T.) Sale

Experience the world's most popular Hydrogen-alpha telescopes and accessories to view the Sun. Our Coronado P.S.T. features completely internal, non-removeable and student-safe solar filtering optics. Observe the Sun's dynamnic prominences at the edge of the Sun, as well as filaments and other surface features in great detail. Want to view the Mercury Transit of the Sun on November 11th, 2019? Watching it through a Coronado P.S.T. is the way to go.

From October 15th, 2019 through November 30th, 2019, you can SAVE UP TO $200 on Coronado Personal Solar Telescopes (P.S.T) and UP TO 20% OFF Coronado accessories.

Picture Perfect Sale

Experience the universe on a whole new level. With Meade's innovative imaging accessories, you can further your journey into astrophotography. View lunar, planetary, and deep sky objects all in high quality and resolution.It's never too late to build up your astrophotographry gallery.

From October 15th, 2019 through November 30th, 2019, you can SAVE 10% OFF cameras and imaging accessories - including Meade's DSI-IV and LPI-G Series cameras.

LX85 Sale

Behind every great images, there's Meade. Experince Meade's LX85 Series featuring a portable, GoTo German Equatorial Mount, with Audiostar® hand box. This Series is the perfect choice for the cultivated observer and astro-imager alooking to chase deep-sky objects. Purchase the stand-alone mount and use your own optical tube, or mximize your viewing potential by bunding it with an array of different optical tubes to choose from. Designed with each type of observer in mind.

From November 1st through December 15th, 2019SAVE UP TO $200 on LX85 Telescopes. Available with Refractor, Reflector, Maksutov-Cassegrain, APOs, and ACF™ optical designs - which will you choose?