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LX200 Sale


The Sun is rising up but our prices are going down. Get ready for warm Summer nights of observing with Meade's LX200. The lX200 Series Telescopes bring Advanced Coma-Free (ACF™) within reach of aspiring astronomers and astrophotographers everywhere. Now it's available to YOU at a discounted price.

From June 15th through July 31st, 2018, you can SAVE UP TO $800 off LX200 Series Telescopes. Don't let these deals melt away!

LX90 Sale

Get your LX90 in time for the Summer season! Summer time means warm nights filled with observing & astro-imaging. Share the experience with your friends and family this Summer. Meade's LX90 is sure to be enjoyed at BBQs, camping trips, and a number of outdoor Summer activities.

From June 15th through July 31st, 2018, you can SAVE $300 OFF ALL LX90 SERIES TELESCOPES! That's right, $300 off ANY LX90 Telescope. Get to lovin' the night sky with your LX90.

LS Summer Sale

LightSwitch Summer Sale
Make your Summer nights even better with Meade's LightSwitch (LS) Series Telescope. Enjoy the night sky with no hassle. Meade's patented automatic self-alignment system aligns your telescope with just one touch of the power switch. Just flip the switch and walk away. It aligns itself. It's that simple.

From July 13th through August 31st, 2018, you can SAVE UP TO $300 on LightSwitch Series Telescopes. The most user friendly, auto-aligning, affordable telescope is here to help make your Summer nights of observing easy. 

Let the LightSwitch do it for you!