Coronado CEMAX Eyepiece set with 2x Barlow

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  • CEMAX 12mm Eyepiece 1.25"

  • CEMAX 18mm Eyepiece 1.25"

  • CEMAX 25mm Eyepiece 1.25"

  • CEMAX 2X Barlow


Product Description

Coronado CEMAX Eyepiece set - specialty eyepieces for use with Coronado H-alpha Solar Telescopes and filters. Complete set of three 1.25" diameter eyepieces with 2X Barlow. These contrast enhanced eyepieces are specifically designed for use at H-alpha wavelengths and allow your Coronado Solar Telescope to perform at the very best. Includes CEMAX 12mm, 18mm and 25mm focal length eyepieces and matching 2X Barlow lens.

Specifically designed for use at H-alpha (Ha) wavelengths, these specialty eyepieces and Barlow use optimized coatings to enhance contrast and minimize glare while affording excellent contrast.

Please note: These eyepieces are NOT filters in any way, and for Solar observing must be used in conjunction with an appropriate Coronado Ha Solar Telescope or telescope with a Coronado filter set appropriately and safely mounted.

The eyepieces all feature a generous 20mm eye relief, 52° field of view, and rubber eye guard for comfort. Caps included.



Series CEMAX Series Eyepieces