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Coronado® SolarMax II 



The Coronado SolarMax II from Meade Instruments includes an incredible breakthrough in solar observing with the revolutionary RichView™ tuning system, built into every SolarMax II. Now you can zero in on the most precise wavelength of light for each area on either side of the hydrogen-alpha (H-a) line for the highest contrast views of active regions, flares, filaments and other surface features or quickly retune for spectacular images of prominences on the solar limb. No other commercially available H-a telescope provides the tuning range and accuracy of the SolarMax II. 


The patented RichView™ tuning system works by directly tuning the etalon, the heart of the Coronado H-a filter system, which gives you greater tuning range and detail than that found on other solar telescopes. For even more surface contrast and detail, the SolarMax II Double Stack system gives you a narrower bandpass (Single Stack >.7 Angstroms to Double Stack >.5 Angstroms). Only the Coronado RichView™ tuning method allows you to fine tune both etalons in the Double Stack for the finest views available to the amateur. If you want the ultimate in solar observing, the SolarMax II Double Stack system delivers. 




If you think the view through a SolarMax II filter is amazing, you won’t believe the incredible contrast and detailed resolution you can have with a double stacked SolarMax II filter system. By combining two SolarMax II etalons, fine-tuned individually with the RichView™ tuning system, the bandpass is reduced from >0.7 Angstroms to >0.5 Angstroms. The effect of the narrower bandpass is greatly increased contrast on the surface of the Sun which brings out fantastic details in active regions, filaments, flares and other surface phenomenon. Double stacking is the choice of the most demanding and advanced solar observers. 



All SolarMax IIs come with mounting rings, SolRanger finder scope, CEMAX eyepiece(s) and padded travel case. 



PC: Jason Ware (SolarMax II 90mm)


PC: Stephan Ramsden (SolarMax II 90 DS)


PC: Pete Williamson (SolarMax II 90mm)


PC: Giorgio Albarello (SolarMax II 60mm DS)

PC: Jason Ware (SolarMax II 90mm and LPI-G Advanced)


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