Meade Star Target Planisphere

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  • Simple "star wheel" helps you navigate the night sky for stargazing
  • Shows what stars and constellations are visible at any time on any date
  • Also displays positions of 100 popular night sky objects including star clusters, nebulas, and galaxies
  • Designed for use between 30 - 50 degrees North latitude
  • Great for learning the sky and planning observing sessions
Item #: 608058

Where To Buy?

  • Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes
  • Orion Telescopes & Binoculars
  • High Point Scientific
  • Mile High Astronomy
  • Agena Astro
  • Khan Scope
  • First Light Optics

Find out what stars and constellations are visible in the night sky at any time and on any date with this handy star wheel. It's perfect for beginning stargazers for learning the night sky with just your eyes, and it makes a practical planning tool for more experienced amateur astronomers.

The Meade Star Target Planisphere is easy to use. Simply rotate the map disk in its housing to set the desired viewing date and time, and it will display a detailed map of the stars and constellations visible right then. It also shows the positions of 100 of the best star clusters, nebulas, and galaxies for viewing with binoculars or a telescope.

Not currently dark outside? No problem! You can use the planisphere before it gets dark to help plan your observing session. The planisphere works year-round and is ideal for Northern Hemisphere observers located between 30 and 50 degrees north latitude. On the back of the planisphere you'll find instructions on how to use it as well as a calendar of annual meteor showers.

The Star Target is made of coated, dew-resistant cardboard. The disk measures 8-3/8" in diameter, so it's easy to stow just about anywhere.

Find out "what's up" in the night sky tonight with the Meade Star Target Planishere!