Product Resources

Product Resources

Product manuals and software for current Meade and Coronado products can be found under the Support tab on their product pages. If you are looking for manuals for older Meade and Coronado products, you can download them from the links below.

Meade Telescope Manuals

LX85 Instruction Manual
LX85 QuickStart Guide
Adventure Scope 60mm & 80mm Manual
DS Gen 1 (60, 70, 80, 90, 114, 127)
DS-114AT Manual
DS-2000 (2060,2070,2076,2114,2130)
DS-2000 (French Translation)
DS-2000 Generation II Telescopes with LNT module
DS-2000 LNT Manual
DS-2000 MAK Generation II Maksutov-Cassegrain Telesopes
DS-2090AT-TC Manual
DS-2102 & DS-2090 Manual
DSX Series Manual
EclipseView 60mm & 76mm Manual
EclipseView 82mm &114mm Manual
ED Series (102, 127, 152 and 178mm)
ETX (90, 105, 125) AT Manual
ETX (90, 105, 125) EC Manual
ETX 60AT and 70AT Manual
ETX Observer 80mm & 90mm Manual
ETX Premier Edition Manual
ETX Premier Edition SmartFinder Addendum
ETX-80 Backpack Observatory Manual
ETX80, 90, & 125 Observer Manual
ETX-80AT Manual
ETX-90 Maksutov-Cassegrain Portable Observatory Manual
ETX-LS Manual
ETX-LS Quickstart Guide
ETX-LS Software Update Instructions
Infinity 50AZ Refractor Manual
Infinity 60AZ and 70AZ Manual
Infinity 76mm Manual
Infinity 80, 90 and 102mm Refractor Manual
LightBridge Manual
LightBridge Mini Manual
LightBridge Plus Manual
LS (LightSwitch) Series Manual
LT Series Manual
LX200 ACF Manual
LX200 Classic Manual
LX200-GPS Manual
LX200-R Manual
LX600 Manual
LX65 Series Manual
LX70 Series German Equatorial Telescopes Manual
LX80 Manual
LX85 Series Manual
LX850 Manual
LX850 Manual Addendum
LX90 ACF/SC Manual
AudioStar Instruction Manual
LX90 AudioStar Addendum
LX90 SmartFinder Addendum 2
LX90 SmartFinder Installation Instructions
LX90-GPS Manual
LX90-LNT Manual
LXD55 Manual
LXD75 Addendum
LXD75 Counterweight Extension Shaft Installation
LXD75 Manual
MAX 20" ACF Manual
Meade Model S102 Manual
Model 4400 Manual
Polaris Series Manual
RCX400/LX400 Manual
Series 5000 ED APO Manual
Series 6000 APO Astrograph Manual
Series 6000 APO Refractor Manual
Series 6000 ED APO Manual
StarNavigator NG Series Telescope Manual
StarNavigator Series Manual
StarPro AZ
TerraStar 60 Manual

Coronado Telescope Manuals

Coronado EQS Mount Manual
PST - Personal Solar Telescope Manual
Coronado SolarMax II Series Manual
SolarMax III (SMIII) 70mm Manual
SolarMax III (SMIII) 90mm Manual
SolarMax Series Manual

Camera Manuals

Meade LPI-G Series Quick Start Guide
SkyCapture Instruction Manual

Weather Station Manuals

TE109NL-M Manual
TE256W Manual
TE278W Manual
TE33C-M Manual
TE346W Manual
TE388W Manual
TE636W Manual
TE653ELW-M Manual
TE688W Manual
TE827W Manual
TE923W-M Manual
TM005X-M Manual
TS13C-M Manual
TS33F-M Manual
TS34C-M Manual

Sports Optics Manuals

EclipseView 10x50 Binoculars manual
Meade Binocular Manual
Wilderness Spotting Scope Manual

Accessory Manuals

#1697 Computer Drive System For LXD 650 and LXD 750 Mounts - Part 1
#1697 Computer Drive System For LXD 650 and LXD 750 Mounts - Part 2
#497 Autostar Computer Controller Manual
#497 Autostar Manual for DS-2090AT-TC and DS-2102AT-TC
AudioStar Controller Manual
AudioStar Addendum
AutoStar Initialization instructions
AutoStar Manual
Bahtinov Focusing Mask Instruction Manual
DSI-IV Quick Setup Guide
Equatorial (EQ) Wedge Manual
Green Laser Pointer (608002) Manual
Handbox Holder for 16" scopes
LightBridge Laser Collimator Instructions
LPI Series Quick Setup Guide
LPI-G Manual
MAX & RCX400 Power Supply Addendum
MAX Mount Low Latitude Kit Assembly Instructions
Meade LX70 Polar Scope Operating Instructions
Meade Telescope Covers, All Models
Series 6000 50mm Guide Scope Manual
SkyCapture Manual
Smart Phone Adapter (Chinese)
Smart Phone Adapter (English)
Smart Phone Adapter (French)
Smart Phone Adapter (German)
Smart Phone Adapter (Russian)
Smart Phone Adapter (Spanish)
Telescope Cover Instruction Manual
X Wedge Instruction Manual
Zero Image-Shift Electronic Micro-Focuser

Meade Product Software

Autostar Updater Program v 6.1
Program used to update telescope firmware and transfer data to and from the telescope.

How to Update Telescope Firmware

Autostar Suite version 5.53 (full DVD)
Full version of Autostar Suite Planetarium program. Includes Autostar Suite, Hubble Guide Star Catalog, Updater program, PEC Tool, Starlock PEC Tool, Autostar Remote Handbox, RS-232 USB drivers, Virtual Moon Atlas, Autostar program manuals.

Autostar Suite Astronomers Edition (Lite Version)
Lite version of Autostar Suite Planetarium program.

Starlock Utility v 1.0m
Software program for interacting directly with Starlock and updating Starlock firmware.

Starlock Firmware v 1.1y
Latest firmware for Starlock. Version 1.1y

Starlock PEC Tool v 1.0a
Allows manipulation of the PEC data recorded from Starlock equipped scopes.

USB to RS-232 Serial Adapter Driver
Windows 32/64 bit driver for Meade’s 07507 Cable.

Meade SkyCapture Software
Used to control Meade cameras