Meade 1.25" Eyepiece Adapter for SCT and ACF Telescopes

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  • Rear thread adapter (visual back) for SC/ACF telescopes with standard 2"-24 TPI (threads per inch) male thread.
  • Compatible with LX90, LX200, LX600, LX850 SCT and ACF scopes, as well as many others made since 1979
  • Features a locking thumbscrew to securely hold your diagonal or other 1.25" slip fit accessory
  • Includes 1-3/8"-24 (1.375"-24 threads per inch) male threads for attaching additional accessories.
  • Usually included with the optical tube, but available here as a replacement or extra unit to have on hand
Item #: 07182

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This Meade telescope eyepiece holder (also known as a visual back) allows for attaching 1.25" slip fit accessories such as a 1.25" diagonal to the rear cell of most all Meade SCT and ACF optical tubes with standard 2"-24 TPI thread.

This eyepiece holder is standard equipment and usually comes included with a wide variety of Meade Schmidt-Cassegrain (SC) and Advanced Coma-Free (ACF) models including LX90, LX200, LX600, LX850, the Meade LS models, and older Meade SC telescopes produced since 1979. Threads on to the rear cell of all compatible models. Features a locking thumbscrew for secure attachment of 1.25" slip fit accessories such as the common 1.25" diagonal as well as photographic accessories and imaging adapters.

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